Steve Wood

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

-Albert Einstein

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Steve’s mission is to identify truth and make that truth more readily accessible to those who seek it. There are a lot of subjective “truths” out there, but there is only one objective reality; discerning which is which is a difficult proposition which has only truly found success through the scientific method. Attempts to adapt that approach to other realms outside the natural sciences have proven woefully inadequate. Before now, humanity has lacked the tools necessary to do so properly. He believes that has changed.



The primary drivers pushing Steve forward are the closely related facts that discerning objective truth is a very difficult proposition, that it can often be hard if not impossible to tell whether something presented as objectively true really is, and that many will take advantage of this reality for subversive reasons. While that isn’t always the case nor does it describe everyone and every situation, those who aid or seek to control the flow of information rarely keep their biases out of the equation, whether intentionally or not. Even objective truth can be lost to subjective interpretation as a result, which Steve greatly laments and is driven to offset.


Variety is the spice of life



Steve has a very diverse history. As the son of a Ph.D. nuclear engineer and a nurse, he was raised in a highly technical environment with a healthy respect for objectivity and the need to be very accurate in one’s work. He built his first website at 11 years old and intended on majoring in computer science in college, but was swept up by the 2004 Presidential election and majored in political science instead. After finishing his bachelors degree from University of Cincinnati in three years while competing on the swim team, where he qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he took another year complete his masters while working as an intern for research institute Abt SRBI.

With his technical background and social science education, he moved to Washington DC following completion of his masters at the height of the Great Recession to combine these skillsets at think tanks and grassroots advocacy organizations. After several years he became disillusioned with the politics-as-usual culture of the region and jumped at an opportunity to relocate to the Rocky Mountains when offered a position at a tech startup. This experience gave him a greater respect for the ability to solve problems for individuals through technological means, and prompted him to launch his own startup when his employer was acquired.

It was at this time that he learned his wife was pregnant with their first child, pushing him to accept a position at a nearby state university devising high-tech solutions to the problems faced by the admissions office. After a very complicated pregnancy and years of insurance battles, Steve left this position to focus on his startup and his family relocated further east to be closer to both sides of the extended family.

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